Driver Performance Optimization Coaching Program

• Target definition and goal achievement (identification of motivations and projection in the future short term/long term).

• Driving technique and speed optimization each on their own style.

• Use of an open wheel car or go-kart at its limit plus the deep understanding of the tires.

• Technical aspect of an open wheel car or go-kart and how improve its efficiency.

• Racing strategy understanding.

• Physical specific improvement (strength and stamina).

• Nutrition optimization and metabolism control.

• Mental projection and consolidation (mental independence and emotion control).

• Communication accuracy and efficiency with the team the engineers and PR.

One side of CCB Management philosophy that helped already since decades drivers to reach the top of the world in racing:

• Emotion is eliminated from our judgments using as a reference all the engineering tools that are measuring and recording the track facts (action and reaction).

• If for any reasons we are not ready to give the Driver the real and correct comments we will take the time of a deeper analyze to be able to give clear and accurate answers.

• In the performance world of winning/racing the truth is dictated by the law of physics, sequences of time that are divided or contracted or expanded using mathematics. The only relativity that you can apply there is for all the drivers that didn’t win the race…for the winner things are simple and rational…

All our debriefing or comments are corroborated by electronic data processing, sensor measurements recorded through data acquisition and engineers calculated numbers.

As we are using those methods since the late seventies, our experience is helping to optimize the analysis time process and the accuracy of conclusion for improvements.

With our level of responsibility and the implication we have in the CCB Management drivers career we are aware that the only truth we are referring to and we can relay on in our job is strictly based on numbers, mathematics and law of physic that can’t be twisted, and this approach is used in our education and coaching system since 1979 by our team with great success and results.