Our engineers are specialized in refinement and dynamic analysis of racing cars.

Sachs official dealer and PFP Öhlins service center we use a 6 post hydraulic/pneumatic rig in our Europe facility base.

We have four processes level after half a day of installation for a two days test:

The Basic, the shaker is run by a shaker operator and your engineers.

The Essential, one CCB technician is helping to understand setting reactions, damping laws, and participates to the elaboration of the choices.

The Premium, one CCB engineer is working on data acquisition analyze and is participating to suspension elaboration.

The Integral, one CCB engineer and Suspension Designer will propose damping laws and spring rate optimizations vs. data acquisition analyze.

We are introducing a new Bump Stop aerospace quality certification generation

• Various curves load vs. displacement.

• From high elasticity to high damping.

• High temperature material.

• Formula One and Le Mans tested.

• High durability and reliability.